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2021 - Best cinematography A.E.C. Award for Las puertas del paraíso.


Madrid, 1989.

As a teenager, while watching Won Kar Wai´s 2046 at the cinema, I had the revelation that films were that very special medium that carried my feelings away somewhere beyond those of my everyday life. But, I was a barely sentient being living through the screen; the possibility of working on films was miles away from becoming a reality. However, the seeds where there. I had been studying ballet since childhood so I´ve always thought of myself as a choreographer. My main desire was to be able to create that something that triggers the goosebumps in the audience through dance and stage language, but during my dance degree, I found myself shooting all the choreographies I could and making films of them instead of stage performances; I discovered the power of the closeups!
Some years later I enrolled in ECAM and studied Cinematography, where I realised how important my previous studies in dance, philosophy and aesthetics were. Not only did I know different ways of thinking, understanding and acting through history and their cultural springs, but I also have a mastery of dance language. The combination of both helped me to think which could be and why the best atmosphere for each the script and think in the camera as my own body in space with the characters and dancing with the director through the story. 


I'm inspired by Teo Escamilla, Àlex Ollé, Sasha Waltz, Wim Vandekeybus or Wong-kar Wai.

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